Petraeus == Betray us

Or not, who knows, I don’t care. It’s an enlisted man’s pun, you wouldn’t understand. I just want to see if I can get the Senate of the United States of America to debate Wetmachine and maybe pass a resolution denouncing us. I’m sure that would be good for traffic, which is what it’s all about, ain’t it? Net capitalism, dude. It’s what’s for dinner.

But I don’t know why I bother, because Comcast or AT&T, the new Cellular, will edit this en route to your eyballs, and you’ll never even know I wrote it. It will be like the memory hole, only more high tech. And the bits will seal up around the absense of my message just like the metal man in Terminator Two, Judgement Day. (Remember, in Soviet Russia, Internet censors YOU!)

Hey, don’t taze me, bro. I’m just say’n what it is.

You may now go back to reading the triumphal return post, below, from our long-lost Web 3.0 boy, Howard Stearns.

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  1. Not mentioned in all the capitalist enterprise business stuff in my post, there’s some nicely subversive things about Croquet that are relavant to the above:

    1. The traffic is encrypted, and encrypted differently for each participant. Hypothetically, it is not possible for “Cellular” Autonoma like Comcast/ATT to block Croquet traffic unless they block it all. (And we hope blocking it all would piss off all the nice capitalist enterprise business folks.)

    2. A dynamically routed P2P version of Croquet could not be killed by cutting off it’s head.

    Now, it may be that the thermodynamics of public communications networks are such that these two properties will be abhored over time into irrelevance. But that’s Harold’s role to help us learn how to fight that. On the tech side, we do what we can…

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