Wetmachine is a group blog. We write about, mostly, the nexus of technology, science and social policy in the USA. We also write about software praxis, technoparanoia, the craft of writing, self-publishing, politics, and random bullshit. Sundman and Gray, in particular, are leaders in the “random bullshit” category. We’ve been around in one form or another since September, 2003. The name “Wetmachine” is meant to signify some kind of creepy biodigital convergence of brains (“wetware”) and hardware and software, although how the name was arrived at has been lost in the proverbial foggy mists of time. You are free to mentally associate the word “wetmachine” with a very tasteful porn site, although we don’t actually do porn here. It is OK to call those of us who post here either Wetmachiners or Wetmechanics. (You can also call us “really hot” or “really smart”. Or nothing at all.) (Individual pages for Wetmachiners coming soon. The following short blurbs were written by John.)

John Sundman, founder of the site, is a novelist with a background in low tech agriculture and high tech computing technology.

Email: john _remove_at_wetmachine.com
Twitter: @jsundmanus
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/john.sundman

Gary Gray, who keeps the gears running in the Wetmachine, is a technical writer & geekoid autodidact polymath.

Harold Feld is a public-interest attorney specializing in telecommunications, Internet, and First Amendment issues. He is currently Legal Director for Public Knowledge.

Greg Rose is an economist who specializes in telecommunications.

Howard Stearns is a software practitioner and theoretician with a degree in Naval Architecture from MIT.

Helen Michaud left a career in literary publications take up a career in technical publications. She’s a founding editor of the new Canadian SF magazine AE.

Peg AtKisson has a PhD in neuroscience. She’s a professional communicator of scientific information.

Cheeseburger Brown is a storyteller, videographer and visual artist. The DEA is considering a ban on his illustrations because they are too trippy for normal people.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog site, via Benton story. Really good stuff!

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