TotSF: A modest fling of Theses

Just got back from Adam’s event at DNC. Not a bad beginning, but if this is gonna move to a real movement within the DNC it needs to energize itself ASAP.

So about a dozen folks turned up (all white and majority male around 25-40) on the front door step at 7:30 a.m. A few reporters were in attendance. Adam made a breif speech about how this was the “beginning of a debate that the leadership did not want to have.” We read the Theses, then Adam applied some adhesive and stuck it to the door. This prompted the security people to kick us off the front steps and toss the poster of the Theses in the trash (we may savor the irony of this for approximately 43 second….done). Then Adam made another brief statement for the press followed by a few attendant remarks from the crowd. I expressed my frustration that NOT A SINGLE DNC LEADER HAS RESIGNED OR OTHERWISE ACCEPTED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SPANKING ON NOVEMBER 2! I point out than when Gingrich got his butt handed to him over the impeachment nonesense in 1998, he _resigned_. Do I see any Democrats resigning from leadership positions (and Daschle does NOT COUNT!)

Adam said that similar groups promised to put up copies of the Theses this morning in 13 other states (if anyone has info on this, let me know).

My feeling is that while a chord has clearly been struck here, we need to pump it up a bit if we are going to be heard. For one thing, why the heck did we do this at 7:30 a.m., instead of at 9 a.m. when someone would be home, or at a time when we might have gotten some press coverage? Social change does not happen quietly, and I am worried that if Adam thinks we can make serious change while “playing nice,” we will fall into the same trap as the Demorcatic party.

For now, I will wait and see what happens next (and record it here, for anyone who cares).

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. For more than a year I’ve been running an internal debate with myself about how much partisan political discussion I wanted to put on Wetmachine. I do keep a diary on & that’s where I post most of my observations on things electoral.

    Mainly I guess I wanted wetmachine to stay on or close to the technology/society nexus and I didn’t want to presuppose the politics of my fellow wetmachiners. So I kept my overtly political posts to other diaries that I keep (very infrequently) at DailyKos, Kuro5hin, and HuSi.

    Of course dailykos is a hard-core Democratic Party site, so anything you write there is the proverbial “preaching to the choir” (what a great phrase that is, by the way.) I consider dailykos pretty mainstream, but in today’s skewed political world it’s considered by many to be “far left” or “radical.”

    I am inspired by Harold’s action & welcome this new theme to his posts here. I officialy admit what has been obvious or implicit to anybody who has read my posts, that is, that I’m a Democrat. Don’t suppose that there’s much harm in admitting that wetmachine does seem to have that general undercurrent.

    Frankly, also, I don’t want to take part in the Democratic tradition of the “circular firing squad.” So that slowed me down too.

    I think I’m coming around to Harold’s point of view, and the 43 seconds of irony was itself worthy of a post!

  2. Harold is too modest — he was by the far the most entertaining person at the event. He brought a smile to the face of the reporter from FOX.

    Where to from here? I DON’T KNOW!!! But I bet some people on this site do. We need advice and help — I think there’s a germ of an idea here. The most important thing right now is to start the conversation — many thanks to JOHN for making a space for these postings. I posted a link back here on

    In the mean time we’re looking for people who want to do a local posting of the Theses in the next two weeks………


  3. <i>Where to from here?</i>

    Mass-mailing or faxing the Theses to all the Democratic political clubs? If “security” guards will rip them down unread, they need to be seen inside the offices.

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