Tales of the Sausage Factory: Fight to keep the muni option open!

I’m not saying that every municipality should have its own broadband network. I’m just saying every muni should have the _right_ to deploy the option. So Media Access Project and Free Press have put together a way for you to tell your state legislator and federal representative that they work for you, not their ILEC contributors, and that you, as a voter, don’t think you should have to kiss ILEC patootie to get broadband.

It’s really very simple. Here’s a letter I wrote and have now put out for public sign on. It has a lot of organizations already signed on. Print it out, sign your name (and feel free to add anything else you might like to say, such as “Remember you work for me, not the ILECs!”) and mail it to your state representative, your governor, and your Congressional representatives. Don’t worry if there is an actual bill pending in your state or not. You want your legislators to know IN ADVANCE how you feel about this issue, so they won’t even THINK about voting for bills like the ones pending in Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, and Nebraska.

Remember what the people of Indiana accomplished, just by showing up and speaking their minds. You can do the same thing in your state.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Damn Sam, I am proud to have you here on Wetmachine.

    Not to be too hyperbolic, but in a country engaged in a serious flirtation with fascism, it does one proud to be on the side of free press and democratic discourse.

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