Declassified Defense Department Training Film: Net Neutrality A Communist Plot!!

I must thank Lauren Weinstien for the utterly marvelous creation below. I urge all right thinking Americans to spread this news far and wide.


  1. there seems to be a mistake here in regard to the video post just below this one about a Public Option in health care

    it’s the Public Option that’s a Communist Plot, where Net Neutrality is on the verge of being passed as part of universal broadband reform that includes a mandate that everyone take it in order for the low users to smooth out the exploding costs and congestion caused by the high users

    anyone who doesn’t buy broadband insurance will have to a pay a penalty and live with dial-up instead

  2. Weinstein has been duped by government agitprop, possibly originated by the same shadowy entities that have been seeking to debunk the UFO movement for decades. The real story behind the net neutrality fight goes much deeper… to get an idea of just how deep, see Episode I of:

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