Buffy Not Indecent, Says FCC

I will confess, I found the entire 6th Season indecently bad. But for those worried that the FCC’s indecency craze will wipe out hot Vampire/Slayer sex in reruns, you may take comfort from the FCC decision located (in PDF) here. For those interested in the FCC tea leaves, I observe it’s a 5-0 decision. Copps and Martin, the most aggressive on indency, appear happy with the idea that suggestive television does not rise to the level of indecency.

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  1. I remember that episode and was somewhat shocked — because watching Buffy was a family ritual. It remains the only show, now that I think about it, that my entire family (wife and three children) all regularly watched together.

    Younger daughter would have been about 12 or 13 when Spike and Buffy were doing their besotted grappling. So that got a little awkward, kinda.

    But in general the whole show was so good, and so much fun that it actually did us a service, because it gave us a chance to talk with our daughters about the situation that Buffy was in. And how sometimes women– even smart, competent women– find themselves in relationships that are based on power and sex rather than any natural afinity.

    Actually, maybe I’ll write a Wetmachine entry on Buffy. I was about to summarize some remarks I made when I was on a Buffy panel at Arisia, but I think they’re too long to fit here. . . and I’m too lazy to write them now.

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