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On Live Journal, we’d call this a meme. I usually don’t play, but how can I resist an invitation from Susan Crawford? In addition to running a fantastic and informative blog of her own, Susan is a member of the Board of Directors at ICANN and on the faculty of Cardozo Law School (Official motto: “With This Many Jews, How Did We Rank So Low In U.S. News & World Report? Goyishe Kop!”)

In any event, Susan has tagged me with the following meme:

“Post five things most people don’t know about you, and then tag five more people.”

I tag Sascha Meinrath, Esme Vos, David Isenberg, Tim Karr and Art Brodsky. My answers below.

Five things most people don’t know about me:

1) For twenty years, I had a cat named “Fluffball” who at least looked like the text-book picture of a pure-bred Turkish Angora. I keep his ashes on my TV set in my bed room.

2) I am totally addicted to Diet Coke.

3) I am the middle child of three boys.

4) I did not need glasses until I went to law school.

5) As a teenager, I wrote Star Trek fan fiction, went to comic book conventions and science fiction conventions, collected comic books, made costumes for the science fiction masquerades, memorized Monty Python, and cried at the end of _Lord of the Rings_. I credit this background for contributing to my idealism and willingness to fight for my ideals against all odds and contrary to the conventional wisdom. I like to bring this up when people say “get a life.”


  1. Some of us still collect comic books…

  2. I understood the words but not the sense of “goyishe kop”. Google helped me out:

    There’s a pretty good joke in there.

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