Audio and Video Net Neutrality Links

For those following the net neutrality issue, here are a few good links for audio or video (while we still can).

Robert Riech gives mainstream commentary in favor of NN on Marketplace here.

An amusing Halo-themed video infomercial in favor of NN available here.

Public Knowledge has this fairly straightforward “why you should care about NN” video here.

“Ask A Ninja,” which I had never seen before but struck me as downright hysterical, as a pro-NN message here.

Finally, this video montage/commentary clocks in at 6 minutes, but is well worth it if you wants something comprehensive and compelling (plus it has all my friends!). With text on their website here, direct to youtube here.

Please add more to the comments below if you become aware of new ones.

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. Video of Moby, from

    Also, I can’t resist mentioning the blog of Tim Berners-Lee, although (a) it isn’t video and (b) you know about it already:

    Thank you, Harold. Without your thoughtful comments, I would not understand or care about this important issue.

  2. (related) AT&T/SBC/NSA Merger advertisement:

  3. Tim Berners-Lee now has another post, with links to a video: http://syndicated.livejourn

  4. Podcast by Senator Barak Obama:
    Blog post by Sir Tim Berneers-Lee containing links to video debunking of telco disinformation:

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