A Win in Florida

According to my friends at Free Press, the forces of municipal broadband won a major victory in Florida. Following a nasty legislative fight in the heart of Bell South territory, the Republican dominated legislature saw fit to impose only one condition on municipal broadband — annual reports.

Score since PA: Public interest- 3, Incumbents-0, Tie-1 (WV, where positive legislation was neutralized)

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. Well that is satisfying.

    This issue recently got front page treatment on dailykos.com. As long as we keep the pressure up, it will be increasingly harder for the telcos to write sweetheart legislation in the back rooms. . .

    Thanks as ever for the good work.

  2. Test comment. Please ignore.

  3. Harold, which are the three victories you are referring to? I’ll quote them on SaveMuniWireless.org for Texas.

    Indiana, Illinois and Florida?

  4. Indiana- Bill killed in subcommittee

    Illinois- Bill withdrawn.

    Florida- Compromise bill passed.

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