RSS Feeds & Other Goodies

Due to popular demand, I’ve added RSS feeds for the individual blogs. Plus, there are some other goodies as well.

OK, so for the main Wetmachine site (which shows everything on the front page, including posts from Tales of the Sausage Factory and Inventing the Future), the RSS feeds are:

  • RSS version 0.91:
  • RSS version 2:

Note: If you’re confused about
the whole “RSS version 0.91” vs. “RSS version 2” business, you’re
probably safe going with RSS Version 2. You’ll only need a version 0.91
if you have a really old RSS reader (“old” in Internet time meaning
over a year, I’d guess).

For Inventing the Future

  • RSS version 0.91:
  • RSS Version 2.0:

For Tales of the Sausage Factory

  • RSS version 0.91:
  • RSS version 2:

For Those of You Stuck in the 90’s

If you’re not hip to this whole RSS-feed business, you can get updates
on your favorite blog the old fashioned way: email. Look for the “Email
Updates” box on the right side of the screen. That will send you an
email each time a new story is posted to your favorite blog. Each story
also has a subscription form in it, so you can get updates whenever
someone comments on that item.

Obviously, we won’t sell your email addresses to the spammers or
anything else like that. You can unsubscribe any time you like, either
by entering your address in the subscription form again, or by following
the link in the welcome email you’ll get when you sign up.

Please note: if you subscribe on the main page of Wetmachine, you’ll
only get emails on posts that are made to the main site (i.e. that are not Tales of the Sausage Factory or Inventing the Future). That’s a software limitation, I’m afraid.

OK, that’s all for now. Have fun!

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