700 MHz Appendix: A List of All My Posts on The 700 MHz Auction Proceeding

Well, it’s been a fun couple of months. I expect we will see more action on the actual implimentation of 700 MHz Auction, new developments, and so forth. But I’m rather hoping to ratchet 700 MHz back from overwhelming white-whale-type obsession to just one more spectrum item amidst the spectrum and non-spectrum stuf I cover. For example, the M2Z application has taken a serious turn for the interesting.

So, preserved for posterity, and because it makes my life easier than going through the archives, I list every TotSF 700 MHz Auction post to date.

Stay tuned . . . .


My impossibly Long Field Guide to the 700 MHz Auction (April 7, 2007)

Rose Report Proves AWS Auction Rigged By Incumbents (April 23, 2007)

Predicitions in Advance of April 25 Commission Meeting (April 24)

Open Access Questions Included in Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (April 25)

I, For One, Welcome Our New Google Overlords (May 4)

700 MHz Auction as Front in Cable/Telco War (May 7)

Look Who’s Talking 700 MHz (May 31)

FCC Republicans Interested While Senate Democrats Take A Pass (June 12)

Adelstein To Tech Sector & Frontline: Can You Hear Me Now? (June 19)

Adelstein Publicly Calls For Open Access (June 20)

Possible AT&T Shift on Open Access May Signal Seismic Shift in 700 MHz (June 26)

Open Access Gains Another Convert; AT&T Denies Position Change (June 29)

700 MHz Endgame Part I: Martin Redefines Open Access (July 10)

700 MHz Endgame Part II: Assessing the Martin Offer And Room for Replies (July 10)

700 MHz Endgame: Has AT&T Asked Bush to Put Thumb On Scale? (July 13)

700 MHz Endgame: AT&T Reverses Course So Fast It Gets Whiplash (July 19)

Full Text of Jim Ciconni’s Statement on Martin Plan (July 19)

Martin Antes, AT&T Raises, Google Calls. Does AT&T Call or Fold? (July 20)

Link to Google’s Post on “Blocking Premium” (July 23)

700 MHz Endgame: Wholesale Access Down, But Not Quite Out. (July 25)

Liveblogging the Fun Fun Fun At The FCC Open Meeting On 700 MHz Auction (July 31)

Sprint Swaps SpectrumCo for Google (August 3)

All Over But The Screaming: Assesing the 700 MHz Order Part I: Puting It In Context (8/17)

Assessing the 700 MHz Order Part II: “C” Does Not Stand For Crap, Why The C Block Conditions Are A Big Win (8/17)

Assessing the 700 Mhz Order Part III: Why Anonymous Bidding Alone Makes This A Big Win (8/19)

>Assessing the 700 Mhz Order Part IV: Lingering Doubts and Uncertainties (8/26)

Assessing the 700 Mhz Order Part V: The Property School Takes It On the Chin (9/3)


  1. OK, you have all this material. You have the Rose Report and other side materials explaining the technical and economic issues. You have a burning desire to get the public interested in what most have seen as geeky technical stuff, the actual public interest underlying spectrum allocation – like, I barely paid attention to this when I was interested in ham radio; I imagine the non-techie public completely ignores it.

    So, once the auction actually happens, and a year or two passes to see what build-out actually occurs, do you think you might write a popular-style book using the 700-MHz auction as the basis of explaining why spectrum allocation should interest Joe Public-Internet-User?

  2. I’d like to. Still trying to get other projects done.

    If anyone would like to give me a fellowship to take time off and write, I’m all ears. Otherwise, the stuff that pays the bills (to the extent it does) comes first.

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