Shocking News! Rich People Cheat!

Via Suburban Guerilla Suzie, to whom I was sent by a dog-barking surrogate Atrios, this little newsbite:

This will be a lot of fun, I think:

Hundreds of super-rich American tax cheats have, in effect, turned themselves in to the IRS after a bank computer technician in the tiny European country of Liechtenstein came forward with the names of US citizens who had set up secret accounts there, according to Washington lawyers investigating the scheme.

A good apetizer for the magnum opus essay I’m working on as a sequel to Harold’s recent Gods of the Marketplace story. Filthy-rich tax cheats with secret accounts in Liechtenstein, a brave young Licthensteinian data entry clerk convicted Licthensteinian fraud selling purloined bank records to German & British & American tax investigators, now in hiding with a new secret identity. . . trust me, it’s great stuff. Check it out.

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