On teh internets

I guess they really do know if you’re a dog.

Bringing to mind (per usual) the quavering voice of David Crosby’s over-the-top histrionic paranoid manifesto Almost Cut My Hair: “It serves to increase my paranoia, like looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a PO-LEASE car!”

However, it would have made me feel worse had this been discovered when I thought of myself as human. Now that I know I’m a robot, somehow it’s easier to take.

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  1. Love the I’m a Robot video. I find the first link, above, really disturbing. Thanks for posting it. Lemme know if you come across some reputable analysis of what the limits are. For example, if someone offers a proxy server that simply passes on HTTP requests, all the timestamps should be from the proxy. (I gotta go read the original paper instead of playing with Wetmachine…)

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