The oddly bee-obsessed Neuromancer movie posters

Quiet Earth has some posters for the maybe kinda possibly Neuromancer movie that may or may not manifest itself in 2011, depending on how the greed probability waveforms collapse. Anyhow, one of them seems oddly bee obsessed (well, OK, wasp obsessed, which I vaguely recall has some relevance to the book someplace…). But it just reminded me of another oddly-bee obsessed novel.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks for the link. Them is some creepy-ass posters. Me likey!

    Also, I look forward to the movie. But if it doesn’t have Keanu in it, it can’t be real, for that would violate a fundamental law of the univers, viz, that Keanu must be the star of every cyberpunk movie.

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