What's wrong with number 37? I like it! It's a nice number. Moreover, it's a prime number, which makes it extra special.

N.B. One is the loneliest number, and it’s not even prime! Suck on that, France!


  1. I sent this to some of my friends — mostly for the rock and roll. A few of these friends are politically…. misguided…. but they’re smart and they’re my friends.

    One responded “The U.S has a higher rate of accidents and homicides per capita than many other industrialized countries. The W.H.O ranking is based on average life expectancy, which in the U.S. is affected by accidents and homicides. Net of accidents and homicides, we rank about 3rd in life expectancy. Also, infant mortality plays a major role, since in the U.S. we try to save the lives of all babies, no matter how sick, which will at times fail. We also track this as a death. In Europe, this is not the standard practice. This same outcome is not tracked as a deceased person in the statistics.”

  2. (whanna correct that typo for me, John?)

  3. Changed “their” to “they’re” and “ca pita” to “capita”. Would be innarested in your reaction to my post above on “Julie & Julia”. (Since posting the original, I’ve posted more than half a dozen minor updates to fix this-n-that. . .)

  4. Ha, I just read the 9/19 comment here after posting on Julie & Julia — in which I failed to mention, “Right on, John. A good thing to say, and well said.”

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