Plot point for the next Sundman novel: Mystery Laptops Sent to State Governors

Some evil mastermind’s plan to take over the governorships of the strategically vital states of err… Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, has been foiled. Seems that laptops showing up unbidden tends to alarm people. So, it’s likely that the hypnotizing software/belligerent AI/super-stealth hackzors warez won’t be fired up by an unsuspecting governor any time soon. Or maybe it was just a prepaid World of Warcraft account that would suck the state officials into spend all of their time on raids. Whichever. (via Slashdot).


  1. Also would make for a great Warner Brothers cartoon. Can’t figure out if I like it better as a Road Runner (ACME Computers) or Bugs Bunny.

  2. Also,

    I remember a story, perhaps apocryphal, from the first Gulf War, in which Saddam’s network infrastructure was disabled by some nasty warez that was uploaded from a printer his military had ordered from outside Iraq.

    (Nobody ever suspects the printer!)

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