Design Contest Yeilds Adorable Machine of Loving Grace

Electroluxe is sponsoring a design contest for products that we will see in the next 90 years. One of the entries is a little robot whose sole purpose in life is to take care of a single plant on Mars or similar hostile environment. I think there’s something Wall-Eesque about the little fella diligently going about his work. And, of course, it brought to mind Brautigan’s poem. Of course, in practice, I suspect the little robot would be stressing out as his plant’s health fluctuates, much like I’ve been distressed over the sudden die-off of shrimp in my fish tank, probably due to some unknown water issue, which I hope I’ve worked out.


  1. Gary,

    Sublime. The poem must have been lodged deep in your memory. I never would have known you for a Brautigan boy. Wasn’t he off the scene by the time you arrived?

    Anyway, thanks, great post!

  2. Well, I’ve never been one for poetry, much less hippie flowerpower stuff. My familiarity with the poem comes from the 90’s industrial band named <a href=”_of_Loving_Grace” rel=”nofollow”>…“>Machines of Loving Grace</a>. Odd that they chose that name, considering they are as far from the 60’s San Francisco scene as you can get.

  3. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, entitled Our Man In Havana.

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