Utterly shameless self promotion

As regular readers know, I have no shame or restraint. So I am going to make a pitch for nomination for this University of Michigan Tech Writing Award. From the website:

Taking a cue from the open-source movement, we’re asking readers to nominate their favorite tech-oriented articles, essays, and blog posts from 2006. The competition is open to any and every technology topic–biotech, information technology, gadgetry, tech policy, Silicon Valley, and software engineering are all fair game. But the ideal candidates will:

* be engagingly written for a mass audience;
* be no longer than 5,000 words;
* have been published between January and December, 2006.

The guest editor for The Best of Technology Writing 2007 will be Steven Levy. It will be published in fall 2007 by digitalculturebooks, a new imprint of the University of Michigan Press and Library, and available in print and online.


You can fill out the nominating form here. A list of my personal faves on technology (not including straight media policy) from 2006 below . . .

Here is a list of articles of mine I think worthy of consideration and written during 2006:

Outsourcing Big Brother

Net Neutrality As Campaign Finance Reform

An Examination of the Economics of Whitacer Tiering

Anonymous Bidding and Not So Anonymous Shakedowns at the FCC

My Speech From the Community Wireless Summit

Coping Nicely, Thank You

A Network Neutrality Primer

The Stevens Bill on Munibroadband

The GAO Makes the Case for Community Broadband

The Tiered Internet and Virtual Red Lining

Debunking Telco Disinformation

But Do Spectrum Auctions Really Suck?

Not Only Will The Lion Lie Down With The Lamb, He Will Open A Feed Store and Butcher Shop on the Side (Munibroadband)

Network Neutrality in Last Throes! Deregulated Telcos to be Greeted as Liberators!

Keep Azeroth Tax Free

The AT&T Merger Saga Continues

Big Win for Community Wireless at FCC

From Theft of WiFi to Public Nusiance: The Noisy Mr. Lynksis

GAO Report: Believing In Competition Doesn’t Make It So

McDowell: I Am Not A Pawn!

And, from my Public Knowledge Blog
The New Spectrum 419 Scam

Remember, votes are due by February 11. To nominate me, click here.

Many thanks to all of you that follow the link.

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. This will be no problem for me, as I believe you deserve such an award.

    I’ll just need to decide upon my favorite(s).

  2. My faves are:

    My Speech From the Community Wireless Summit

    A Network Neutrality Primer

    Debunking Telco Disinformation

    Network Neutrality in Last Throes! Deregulated Telcos to be Greeted as Liberators!

    The New Spectrum 419 Scam

    BTW, I did a web search to find out why democracy is like a sausage factory. I only got 17 hits for “sausage factory of democracy”, so this is probably not well known. You might want to explain this to your readers some time.

  3. My faves are the same almost.

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