TotSF: Public Knowledge Action Alert on IP bills

I’m republishing below the action alert from Public Knowledge on the latest intellectual property hijinks in Congress.

Stay tuned . . . .


The last time we sent out an action, it was your response that helped hold off a group of consumer-unfriendly bills. You remember, these were the bills that rewrote copyright law that could make you a criminal for the way you use iTunes and WiFi,and changed how you are permitted to watch TV or DVDs in your own home. Well, it’s after the election, and the Senate is holding a lame duck session in an effort to pass what they could not before. This means, just like a Hollywood horror film, many bills are back from the dead. To get them passed, the content

industry may try to put all their eggs in one basket and pass one big “omnibus” bill, or they could hitch the bills individually to other bills that have momentum.

Regardless, you voiced your concerns before, and we need you to do it again. Things are moving fast, so tell your Senators now that you oppose H.R. 2391, the omnibus “Intellectual Property Protection Act,” both as a

whole and in its parts, and ask them to not allow it to come to the Senate floor for a vote.

Please forward this action widely. If we can stop this bill it will be a huge victory that no bad copyright law passed in the 108th Congress.

thank you,

Public Knowledge

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