The adventures of Fair Use Person?

To my surprise and delight, the good folks at Duke Law have produced this comic book to explain the law of fair use and how expanding copyrights is producing lots of “collateral damage” in the free speech department. Back when I was in law school I had an idea for an entire series of comic books dramatizing the law school curriculum. Happily for the world, I can’t even draw stick figures as well as Jim Snider did in his Cartoon Guide to Federal Spectrum Policy.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. Off the topic, you may want to see this column in Information Week. (Broke the URL in bits to get it to fit in this box….)


    Then you can smack him with the clue by four

  2. Most extremely cool.

    So much work to be done! The RightsMonster is an all-devouring beast. It denies us our own history, thereby condemming us to all kinds of bad stuff. I’m thinking of the Eyes on the Prize debacle, a rights obscenity if ever there was one.

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