Tell Me Again How Professional Journalists Have Higher Standards Than Us Mere Bloggers.

I generally don’t consider myself a “citizen journalist.” While I believe strongly that bloggers can be journalists, I don’t believe that bloggers are journalists simply by being bloggers and imitating their favorite left-wing or right-wing pundit. For me, the importance of blogging is that it creates genuine conversation and give and take, a willingness to rediscover once taboo subjects like politics and public policy. You know, the stuff it became no longer polite to discuss because none of us fragile souls could handle disagreement, so we had to leave it to the experts.

But occasionally, one sees a pompous soul defending “traditional journalism” and arguing that it is positively dangerous and unsafe to let the mob of “citizen journalists” loose upon an unsuspecting world. And next time I encounter such a poor misguided soul, I intend to ask him or her about Scott Glover and his hack job on Chief Judge Alexander Kozinski, as published in the LA Times.

As documented in several posts at Patterico’s Pontifications, it would appear that Scott Glover was “played” by one Cyrus Sanai, although perhaps “played” is the wrong word. Sanai appears to have pursued a relentless vendetta against Kozinski, and found a willing ally in Glover. As Kozinski’s wife explains in this rebuttal, Glover’s descriptions of the items on the website are at best misleading and at worst outright efforts to sensationalize things circulated all over the internet (typically with the “not work safe” heading). For example, what Glover describes as “video of a half-dressed man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal” turns out to be a a fairly popular Youtube video of a man who had gone to relieve himself in a pasture fending off an aroused donkey. (The San Francisco Chronicle, apparently wishing to demonstrate the further virtues of trained journalists over bloggers, characterized the video as images of bestiality.

As a result of this rather shoddy bit of professional journalism, a well respected judge has been made an object of ridicule and disgust, Kozinski declared a mistrial and initiated an ethics investigation of himself — costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for no good purpose, and a lawyer with a reputation for vindictiveness is boasting how — with the help of such skilled professional journalism — he brought down a federal judge who dared defy him. Nice.

And the response of the LA Times? Kozinski should have just ignored the story. Boy, says the Times Editorial Board, that would have sure shown those blue noses who still read newspapers! I rather agree with Patterico, however, who notes that the real question is why did the LA Times put this story on its front page? Not since Bob Balaban manipulated Sally Field to go after Paul Newman in Absence of Malice has a reporter so willingly served as the tool of another to report something so accurately and yet untruthfully. It is merely the crowning insult that the LA Times should editorialize that Kozinski is somehow at fault for not telling them to bugger off — preferably in front of a camera for the amusement of the masses and future storage at

To repeat, I make no claims to being a “citizen journalist” simply because I blog. And I respect the work of real journalists no matter what medium they use. But after incidents like this, professional journalists should hardly wonder why so many bloggers feel they can replace them.

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  1. And then there’s the professional journalist (Glenn Beck) at CNN Headline News who said that drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would yield 100 million barrels a day. The actual figure is 1.45 million barrels a day or less. See

  2. You raise a good question of whether Esquire Sania played / gamed L A times writer Scott Glover.
    However, that same thing was used when very powerful judge Kozy, was seeking to intimidate Mr Lazarus.
    In fair useage, trasported for your thoughtful review is the follwing from Legal Affairs Cyber Magazine:

    “The judge’s harsh stance left some of his friends shaking their heads. ‘I genuinely like Alex and respect him a great deal, but I was enormously troubled by his behavior toward Eddie,’ said Erwin Chemerinsky, a law professor at the University of Southern California who wrote a response to Kozinski’s attack on Lazarus in the Yale Law Journal. ‘Much of what he did was inappropriate for a judge to do. It was far too personal.’ Chemerinsky’s support for Lazarus cost him Kozinski’s friendship. He said the judge hasn’t spoken to him for five years and refuses to serve on academic panels with him or even shake his hand.”.

    How odd.

    and more:
    “He(Kozinski) had asked to review Closed Chambers in the Yale Law Journal at a time when the journal’s editor was on the way to a clerkship with him. Kozinski used the review to accuse Lazarus of violating the Supreme Court’s code of conduct and, ‘possibly,’ federal criminal law for allegedly taking internal documents out of the court building. Lazarus says that the judge tried to have him fired from his job as an assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles and disbarred in California. Kozinski denies the accusations. ”

    As some may observe, Kozinski is one who really games things, or milks stuff, if that is the right word, in all his smutty cow porn, and other axe to grind exercises. But, he has a life time to run his power games to hurt people, and some will be amused by his raw vindictive, and chillingly odd behavior. After he knows how to game his Party connections, to get where he got his judgeship

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