Tales of the Sausage Factory: Korn Rebellion — But Will The Revolution Be Televised?

Korn has put out a new, very indecent (for language only)video protesting the current state of the music business. Oddly, it is no longer downloadable from the Korn Website. Hmmmmm……

As reported by Reuters, the band Korn has released a video of its new song “Y’all Want A Single.” Howard Stern has adopted it as his theme song in his current anti-Washington tirade, and Korn has even remixed the video to feature Howard Stern.

The song itself sounds like standard protest fare, urging listeners to say “fuck it” and “fuck this shit,” presumably to society at large. Only when you see the video does it become clear that the band is protesting the consolidation within the music industry and radio industry. Blurbs flash accross the screen informing viewers of the current consolidated state of affairs in the music industry. E.G., one corporation controls all five music video channels. (Viacom, if you were wondering).

What’s curious is that, only a few hours after the Reuters story was released, the Y’all Want A Single video disappeared from the Korn website. I tracked down a copy using Google, so you can still see it online. But you may want to hurry. I’ll be very interested in seeing if Korn’s label, Sony, tries to yank it.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. Too bad it’s a boring song and a boring video. They remind me of a story I heard once. Seems Korn was in a restaurant and making a to-do. A waitress asked them to cool it. They pointed out that they were who they were — and hence, presumably, rightfully entitled to act like jerks. “You’re just fucking Korn,” the waitress responded. “It’s not like you’re Metallica or something.”

  2. Ah, but Metallica whore for the machine with wild abandon. Perhaps it’s just a prejudice but, if I must have jerks about me, I prefer them to be jerks I agree with. But better no jerls at all . . .

  3. Buy the Mudhoney discography, good music, anti-establishment, and they arent a bunch of jerks. One of my favourite Mudhoney stories is that the director that made “Singles” gave them $20,000 to record a single for the movie soundtrack. They got a mate and recorded it for $800 on an eight-track; they pocketed the rest. They were also part of the driving force behind what became grunge and the Seattle sound. They are one of my favourite bands ‘evar’.

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