So should we do Boston this summer as press?

According to Wired, the Democratic Convention in Boston is accepting bloggers application for press credentials. So, anybody think Tales of The Sausage Factory should go on a road trip?


  1. I think that would be pretty cool. Although it would be interesting, I think, if for that purpose, if you took a broader look at media slants, al la the Reagan/Viacom and Clear Channel/indecency intrigues.

    Of course, if we got a Wetmachine group-blog pass, then I could enter paranoid rants and Peg could write up efforts to get John Kerry to levitate to top of the Fleet Center using quantum transportation. . .

  2. And being a resident of the hub, I’ll just be hunkered down in my bunker, surviving off of stockpiled diet coke and power bars.

    Perhaps it won’t turn out to be a total fiasco, but the amount of inconvenience imposed by the convention will be pretty staggering. Shutting down both one of the major arteries into the city (the one which we just paid $14 billion for) and one of the two major train stations in the city is going to make moving in and around the city a nightmare.

    But if we did get a press pass, it might be interesting to see how things are at the eye of the storm…

  3. Hello there! What’s going on, everyone?

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