Richard Bennett Invites Me To A Panel On Tuesday March 2

Back in October, Richard Bennett wrote a paper on why he thought network neutrality was particularly inappropriate — indeed, dangerous to the future evolution of — mobile internet access. On Tuesday March 2, his employer, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation will be hosting an event to discuss the paper, mobile internet access and policy. He’s asked me to join Barbara Esbin from Progress and Freedom Foundation and Morgan Reed from the Association for Competitive Technology on a panel to discuss the issues. Should be fun.

Click here for the event announcement, which contains an RSVP link.

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. U have an interesting definition of “fun”

  2. This is actually a new paper that explores the convergence of mobile networks with the wireline Internet. That other one was sort of a warmup. This one tells you how to build a mobile Internet and then goes into the policy issues around spectrum and net neutrality.

    Harold is my most conscientious critic, and I know that he’s going to offer constructive and useful analysis, even if we don’t quite agree on all the details of policy.

    One area I cover in this paper is what we have to do to put users on control of end-to-end QoS on the mobile Internet, and I know that we agree that this will be valuable if we can make it happen.

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