Public Knowledge And the IP3 Awards

Once again, Public Knowledge is calling for nominations for its IP3 Awards. These awards honor people who have made valuable contributions in the fields of intellectual property, information policy, and internet protocol. Nominations must get in by September 14. Send nominations to

To quote from the PK announcement:

These are individuals who over the past year (or over the course of their careers) have advanced the public interest regarding one of the three kinds of “IP.” While these increasingly overlapping policy arenas pose important challenges for us, they also create important opportunities for creative individuals in each of the three underlying fields to advance the public interest.

Normally, this is where I would insert a rather broad hint that the labor of yr hmbl obdnt blogger and others in the realm of open spectrum would make me an excellent candidate for nomination. Fortunately, you are spared this outrageous and self-serving spectacle by the fact that I am actually judging the nominations this year. Accordingly, nary a word of encouragement that might suggest bias on my part shall pass my lips or make it to this public page.

Instead, I’ll just urge everyone to send nominations in by September 14. Remember, send your nominations to

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. ummmmmm . . . . does that mean you’re ineligible for the nomination? or not? 😉

  2. Actually, I think I am eligible. But it would be rather bad form to beg. 🙂

  3. I put Harold’s name into the hat in a comment in the Public Knowledge blog. More comments would be helpful, I’m sure.

    As I said in my comment, if there is a conflict between Harold’s sitting on the committee and being nominated, I’m sure the good folks at Public Knowledge are smart enough to figure out a resolution.

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