Net Neutrality Videos Much More Interesting Than I Could Ever Make.

It’s impossible to keep up all the videos about net neutrality. Heck, I have been delinquent in flogging my own. For example, I have two new “5 Minutes With Harold Feld” videos out: one on what I call “virtual redlining” (about how permitting prioritized content invariably leads to targeting and segmenting audiences in ways that recreate all the usual stereotypes and re-marginalizing traditionally marginalized communities) and this on “rural virtual redlining” (how allowing prioritization further isolates rural and exacerbates the digital divide).

As you can see from the pathetic hit counts if you click through, my personal contributions are a total flop. Why? Because, in my own words, 5 Minutes with Harold Feld takes “insanely complicated and incredibly boring stuff and make it slightly less boring because THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT.” So even at my most wildly successful, I am only slightly less boring. This apparently does not help much.

However, lots of much more interesting and entertaining people have used the power of online video — and even traditional media — to provide a much less boring perspective. I’m listing my top 5 Internet videos below the break. Please feel free to add links to your favorites in the comment section, assuming you did not fall asleep trying to watch my videos.

Actually interesting Net Neutrality videos below . . .



Best Video . . . EVAR!!!

John Oliver “Net Neutrality” (from Last Week Tonight) (Link)

Granted, I am not thrilled with what has now become the obligatory shot at Tom Wheeler’s 30 year old history as the head of the National Cable Television Association (now the National Cable Telecommunications Association). It was 30 years ago people. Tom Wheeler is not some sleeper agent activated by seeing the Queen of Diamonds to kill net neutrality. That doesn’t make his policy choices a good thing, but at least add “30 years ago” when saying “former cable lobbyist.”)

But setting that aside, this piece from John Oliver pretty much says everything you need to know about Net Neutrality. And yes, it takes people like me to task for making it too boring.

Best Short and Sweet
Hank v. Hank: The Net Neutrality Debate in 3 Minutes (link)

The shortest video on my list. This pretty much sums up everything elegantly in 3 minutes. Contains my favorite little bit on the Netflix/Comcast fight. (“We would never do that to something like Netflix.” “But you just DID DO IT to something like Netflix.”)

Best Video That Looks Like A Policy Wonk Video But Much MUCH COOLER

Vi Hart, “Net Neutrality In The U.S., Now What?” (link)

This 11 minute video is chock full of useful information, good analogies and good graphics. It’s the video policy wonks such as myself would make if we were much more talented at making good videos. As a result, it does not have the same ROTFL element as the other videos. But if you actually want a straight up “how do I learn what I need to know about Net Neutrality without falling asleep,” this video does it.

Because We Should Say It With Rap — Australian Rap
The Juice Media “Rap News #25: Net Neutrality” (link)

Rap can be a very powerful tool for conveying messages, with its combination of strong rhythm and spoken word. It reminds us why so much of the collected wisdom of the world comes down to us in poems and chants. Also, it’s cute to hear this in Australian accents.

Actually Award Winning Mockumentary That I Was In

The Internet Must Go (link)

I’m biased because I’m actually in it for 10 seconds. This “mockumentary” follows John Wooley, market researcher for cable and telcos trying to figure out how to sell the public on killing net neutrality. Not surprisingly, he makes the opposite case. It won a Webby award, so I am now in an award winning film. It also has a clip with John Hodgeman, so I am now in an award winning film with John Hodgeman!

It’s also real good on the net neutrality stuff.

Some Boring Net Neutrality Videos I And/Or Other Folks At Public Knowledge Have Done.

Finally, to round out the set, here are some recent videos that I and others at PK have done, just for contrast.

5 Minutes With Harold Feld: “Virtual Redlining.” (Link)

5 Minutes With Harold Feld: “Net Neutrality and Rural Redlining.” (Link)

PK, “What’s the Problem With Data Caps.” (Link)

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