My Latest 5 Minutes: The Newspaper's Lame Blame Game

I propose the radical notion that not only is changing the copyright law to preserve existing newspapers a bad idea, it doesn’t address the problem and won’t work. The New York Times needs to get with the times and get over themselves.

Of note, Tribune, the bankrupt newspaper/TV chain, continues to have a profit margin of 8%. That’s right, they are making money. Just a heck of a lot less than they used to and not nearly enough to service their debt.

And, for amusing contrast, Jason Jones’ report on the NYT. Comedy Central has better production values.

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  1. Harold,

    Well said.

    Your points here echo those of my post on this topic,

    I particulary recommend the writing of “Athenae” on the site First Draft on this topic. She’s a former newspaper person & has thought a lot about it and observed a lot.

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