Last MAP Innovation '08 Panel Wed. Jun 25.

A shameless plug for my employer, Media Access Project (MAP).

As I have written before, MAP has decided to hold a series of events to try to get folks in Silicon Valley to care about Washington policy. Now, we are going to bring some of that back to D.C. On June 25 (this Wed.), MAP will have the last of its Innovation ’08 panels right here in Washington D.C. We have been fortunate enough to get representatives from both the Obama campaign and the McCAin campaign to come and chat about “what we learned while outside Washington — hint, they don’t think we understand their issues.” While fora around the candidates and their surrogates certainly abound here in D.C. at the moment, I feel confident that our unique MAP perspective will make this a grilling policy dialog and discussion to remember.

And, for those who want to understand what makes these MAP fora critically kick ass, you can get video of the first Innovation ’08 forum on DVD from MAP’s website

Details on Wednesday, Jun 25 10 a.m. event at the D.C. Office Dickstein, Shapiro below . . . .

Media Access Project “Innovation ’08” Series

The Media Access Project (MAP – cordially invites you to participate in the final event in our ground breaking series of conferences bringing together public policy experts and tech industry leaders to draft policy recommendations for the next President of the United States. In the final forum, prominent Presidential candidate representatives will discuss technology policy issues facing the next President. These issues will be based on conclusions drawn from MAP’s previous two fora held in Silicon Valley, “The Future of Content & Control” and “Open Access and the New Net Neutrality.”

We would be especially pleased to have you attend our final program on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, at Dickstein Shapiro in Washington, DC.

MAP is a Washington, DC-based non-profit advocacy organization that for 35 years has been dedicated to promoting the public’s First Amendment right to access a diverse marketplace of ideas in the electronic mass media. MAP believes that the 2008 presidential election will present a special opportunity for the public, industry and policy makers to reflect on the important unresolved media, technology and telecom issues that will have a substantial impact on the future of innovation in America.

The June 25 Forum is entitled “The Future of Innovation – Media and Technology Options for the Next President” and will be held at Dickstein Shapiro in the Potomac Room. A light breakfast will be provided. Seating is limited so please RSVP by Monday, June 23, with Brooke Rae-Hunter at or 202.454.5686.

10:00 AM Welcoming Remarks – Albert Kramer, Chair, MAP Board of Directors

10:05 AM Introduction – Andrew Jay Schwartzman, President and CEO, MAP

10:10 AM Opening Comments from Presidential Candidate Representatives:

William Kennard, Chairman of the Federal Communications
Commission from 1997-2000, Representing the Barack

Obama Campaign, (To Be Announced) Representing the John
McCain Campaign

11:00 AM Introduction of Industry Representatives – Andrew Jay
Schwartzman, President and CEO, MAP

11:05 AM Opening Comments from Industry Representatives:

Dorothy Attwood, Chief Privacy Officer, AT&T

Chris Libertelli, Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Skype

11:15 AM Discussion of Media and Technology options for the next President

11:55 AM Closing Remarks

We would be delighted to have you join us for what promises to be a landmark event. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 202-454-5686 or

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  1. I guess that independent ISPs — who work closely with the public and know what citizens want — aren’t important enough to be represented at the forum. Oh, wait, I forgot: All 4,000+ of us do not exist, right?

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