I'm Doin' a Speakin' Tour- Me Talk Good

For anyone who goes to policy conferences (and who can ever get enough of those, eh?) and science fiction cons, I’m speaking at a couple of them over the next few months. Below is a list with links. If you actually read this thing, let me know; it gives my frail little ego something to cheer about and gives my pathetic life meaning. 🙂

On March 24, I’ll be speaking at the Internet Commons at 9:30 a.m. on “The Rise of Unlicensed Spectrum.

On April 14, I’ll be speaking at ISPCON about wireless issues at the FCC.

On May 20th, I’ll be speaking at The Educause Policy Conference on unlicensed spectrum issues.

On May 28-29, I will be at my 15th Reunion at Princeton talking about how I haven’t really changed in the last 15 years and slurring my words a lot.

On May 30-31 I will be at Balticon 38, where I will be speaking about digital rights management (DRM) technology (panel tentatively titled ”DRM: User Tool or Tool of Satan?”)

On June 11-13, I will be at Conterpoint IV, the latest incarnation of the Oldest Established Permanent Floating Filk Con in the East. As I’m actually involving in running the freakin; thing, I urge everyone to register for it ASAP.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. Harold,

    Cool. As you know, I’m always looking for publicity for my famous novels (and website). So I was wondering: How would you feel about wearing a NASCAR-driver racing suit when you give your various talks and performances? I’m imagining something bright red, plastered all over with WETMACHINE and ACTS OF THE APOSTLES and CHEAP COMPLEX DEVICES decals and logos?

    I can’t afford to have one professionally made, of course, but I did once help my wife to make a harlequin costume that all three of our children eventually wore for Halloween.

    You could even take a cue from George Bush and stick a rolled-up pair of socks in the crotch of the suit and carry a helmet under your arm! The crowds would go wild! Whatcha think?

  2. I can do it for Balticon. I’ll do it as a hall costume entitled “shameless self promotion.” 🙂

  3. On the other hand I’m afraid to ask my wife for help with this one. So it looks like you’re on your own. I would send you the harlequin suit but somehow I don’t think it would quite fit. . . Good luck with the sewing.

  4. Do any of these conferences take place in/near New York City?

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