I Guess Republicans Think Community Organizing Is Funny.

Well, things were pretty depressed at the Republican convention over the last few days. But now we can begin a rollicking good time mocking the very idea that community organizing has value.

Of all the things that both Gulliani and Palin could have fixed on as a line of attack, the idea of community organizing as work for pussies is not what I would have expected, and Lord knows my expectations after Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are prety low. But what amazed me was how many folks on the floor of the RNC Convention actually laughed and whooped it up at the very mention of being a community organizer, before even getting to the supposed punchline about how it doesn’t give you any “real” experience.

Hee hee hee. Those whacky Democrats! They think that if someone goes out into a local poverty striken neighborhood, inspires people to believe that participating in the political process can change things and make their lives better, gets wildly diverse and often fractious interest groups focusing on a common goal, against industry interests backed by an entrenched political power structure, all on a shoe-string budget is something that matters! Ha ha ha! What a ma-roon! What a joke! People matter? They can make a difference? And inspiring them and organizing them to believe that qualifies you for something other than a beating by the cops? What a joke!

Voters who think they want to have beer with these people better think again. They will be happy to pat you on the head and drink your beer — especially if they can stick you with the tab. But if you would like people who actually give a crap about your lives, you’re coming to the wrong store.

As for community organizing, we actually have another name for it over here. We call it “voter registration.”

Laugh away chuckles. See you in Novemember when the rabble turn out to vote.

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. Pardon my excessively cynical response.

    Palin’s professional qualifications would demonstrate her ability to govern, in High GWB style: corruption, muzzling staff’s ability to talk to the press, firing those who oppose you (or who prevent you from firing you ex-brother-in-law), censoring information (library books), and spending more money while claiming to spend less.

    Community organizing teaches one to gather together people with little common ground, to build agreements to work together.

    Which sounds like better training for a President?

  2. There was no laughing at community organizers, so next time, pay attention. What was mentioned was that “Nobama” relies on his community organizing background as a major part of his resume. In fact, his role in community organizing probably bored the pants of of him and apparently his success at CO was probably marginal. Others have come forth taking aim at excerpts in his books in which he is taking credit for accomplishments in the community, when in fact his role was marginal. The irony of Nobama and the CO claims is that he is not so much for the little people but aspired to bigger and better things–and self-promotion, more than the “gathering together people with little common ground.” He has embellished himself to look like the guy with the big heart, when he is just not what you think he is. His patriotism and his motives are more than questionable. They are scary. His being a candidate for President has grown from the ridiculous to the sublime. And foolish Americans like some I see on this blog are the reason why we will consider electing this bag of hot air.

  3. *sniff* *sniff* Is that fear I smell?

    R bluster and nastiness goes up in response to a screw up — on a theory that apologizing admits error and shows weakness. The nastier and the less content, the greater the fear factor.

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