Back In the NCMR: Pappa Bear Comes To Town!

So here I am at the 2008 National Conference on Media Reform, and I have the most exciting news: the FOX NEWS TEAM IS HERE for Bill O’Reilly. (No doubt he is in town to endorse Al Franken in his bid for the Senate.)

Woo hoooo!!!! Talk about your status symbols. We have really made the big time if Poppa Bear himself has come to town to pay his respects. As for me, it’s as if the Goodfeathers had fallen into a catnip truck then accidentally wandered into a cat show.

I understand that some folks, however, may be nervous talking to the good folks at Fox News. Here is my advice: keep confusing O’Reilly with Stephen Colbert.

So for example:
Fox News: Can we interview you for O’Reilly Factor.
Person: Great! I’ve always wanted to be on the Colbert Show!
FN: That’s not us. This is Bill O’Reilly.
Person: Oh yeah. I saw him on the Colbert Show once.
FN: Anyway —
Person: Do you think O’Reilly can get me on Colbert?
FN: No. Now —
Person: Because Stephen Colbert is just a god, you know. A. Total. God. O’REilly should definitely try to get on Colbert again. You know, for the Colbert bump.
FN: We want to talk to you about —
Person: Did you know Stephen Colbert was just given the distinguished “Understandable Vanity Award by the Princeton University Class of ’08 (Go Tigers!). Did O’Reilly ever go to college?
(Persist until FN people quit in disgust.)
Person: Wait! Come back! Does this mean O’Reilly won’t introduce me to Stephen Colbert?

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. Cool.

    Wish I could be there.

    If you run into Atrios (Duncan Black) from Eschaton, tell him he should pimp my books and link to our blog.

    Watch out for sting operations in the airport men’s room, and please, restore some kind of usefulness and democratic access to our public (corporate) airways.

  2. That is evil. I wholeheartedly approve of torturing the Foxholes.

  3. I’m glad to hear that Fox News realizes that it needs to be reformed. đŸ™‚

  4. Well, you got back just in time for the BIG news. Kucinich did it. He filed Articles of Impeachment against Bush, and Wexler is co-sponsor . . .


    Sign the petition if you want Bush to be prosecuted as the criminal he is.

    FINALLY! Let’s just hope the Dems grow a set of brass ones . . .

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