Apparently, I Am Even Less Influential Than I Thought . . . .

Or so says Paul Kapustka with his list of “Top Ten Net Neutrality Influencers”, on which I do not rank even an honorable mention.

Tip of the hat, however, to friend-of-the-blog and occasional sparring partner Richard Bennett included in the honorable mention slot.

On the plus side, no one will care if I take Wednesday and Friday off.

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. I told Paul that my inclusion on his list undermines its credibility. I think you know you hold more sway on this issue than I ever will, and you’re on the winning side to boot.

  2. Let us resolve it by joining each other’s fan clubs.

  3. I hear Kevin Martin is the president of yours. Maybe he’ll comment.

  4. Don’t feel so bad. Paul posted it on Muniwireless and he did not mention me at all.

  5. When I get the call to appear on “Dancing with the Stars,” I’ll put in a good word for you, Esme.

  6. Hey, just like any good policy maker I can be swayed by contributions… for the next rev!

  7. The list is so appended… Howard is now honorably mentioned as well. I apologize for the omission!

  8. Howard!

    Oh, the ignominy!


  9. d’oh! Can’t even get a correction correckt. (It’s correct on the web page, though.)

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