Adelstein Publicly Calls for Open Access

Two important updates from my most recent post. First, Commissioner Adelstein publicly supported some kind of open access requirement for the 700 MHz auction licenses. Wooo Hoooo! For us policy geeks, it’s kind of like the moment when the Millenium Falcon comes out of nowhere and blasts the Imperial tie fighters targeting Luke as he barrels down toward the access port. Not that I had any doubt where Adelstein’s heart was, but it’s always reassuring to see him commit himself.

The second update is that DIRECTV and Echostar got out bid by some Brits for Intelsat. This makes it more likely that they will want to bid aggressively in the auction, assuming they think they can win.

Stay tuned . . . .

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  1. As for Adelstein supporting open access for 700, big deal… Come on, what does this really mean? So he supports it, yeah, said it in public, it means what? Is he looking out for his future after FCC?

    He supported other things non-lec ISP’s needed to compete with broadband and failed to come though, so until he fixes that mess, he and the rest of the FCC Cmr’s can squawk all they want.

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