Woof! Arf! Bark! Bark! Arf! Woof! Woof! Woof!

For the record, I believe the presidential election was stolen by Katherine Harris & the Supreme Court in 2000, and by Kenneth Blackwell & Diebold, Inc, in 2004. I believe that they will try to steal it again in 2008.

Scientists at CERN say they “probably” won’t create a black hole and destroy the world in their new particle collider.

Gee, after the FISA deal I feel especially great about the plans of the US Air Force to take over the Internet and Outer Space. With insane Christianists and dispensationalists in charge of the Air Force and eager to hasten Jesus to bring on Armageddon, they may be able to achieve what the CERN scientists cannot.

I believe there is a 50/50 probability that the 9/11 attacks were either false-flag, or that some Saudis knew about them and dropped broad hints that Cheney chose not to pick up.

If you extrapolate Moore’s law out only a few centuries, you get computers as dense and as hot as neutron stars. What kind of information processing would a computer like that be doing? Beats me. This is why I am not a pure atheist. Are the stars we see in the sky just God talking to himself in God language? Maybe, who knows.


  1. Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and you’ve got me indexing MySpace for Google.

  2. eann you magnificent bastard! I was just thinking of you, and I’m not kidding. Memories of talking with Stephan Wolfram, the world’s smartest man, at O’Reilly BioInformatics.

    Send me an email adress. “mail at this same site where we’re talking” will get to me.

  3. > With insane Christianists and
    > dispensationalists in charge of
    > the Air Force

    As a grad of our fine federal service academies (and 10+ yrs) of service, I can personally attest as to how scary the Christianists are. It’s a subtle thing, but very, very real. If you’re not one of ‘them’, your career miraculously (no pun intended; sorry) goes off into a non-lifer direction.

    From my experience (albeit anecdotal), it’s a big problem.

  4. Mikek,

    Thanks for your comment. I remember some years ago meeting a fellow at a party who mentioned that his career plans had changed because his political views were so strongly opposed by his senior management.

    He was a officer with a year’s experience in Iraq.

    And a West Point grad. There’s an well-documented brain-drain in most of the services now, and a good part of the reason is political correctness.

    I’m more afraid of Christianists in the US Air Force than I am of Islamists elsewhere. The Christianists have infinitely better training and vastly more weapons. The Islamists, maybe, are a tad more nuts (but I’m not even sure about that). But the Christianists are nutz enough for me.

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