Wetmachine Wants Music

Hi, it’s Gary, the guy who maintains the drunken machinery[1] here at Wetmachine.

John has asked me to install a Soundblox MP3 player on Wetmachine for your listening pleasure (don’t panic, it won’t start playing automatically, and it’s a lot better than those cheesy MIDI tunes of yesteryear).

But we need music to play!

Since we really don’t want to summon the hellhounds of RIAA, we’re going to do it all nice and legal, and use public domain/creative common licensed sources.

The primary source will be tracks taken from the Creative Common’s Opsound site. I’m also hoping one band I know will give me permission to use their music samples.

If you (or someone you know) have released tracks under a creative commons or similar license and would like to have that music available for the listening pleasure of Wetmachine’s readership, drop me a line. You can either post a reply, or click on my name on the bottom of this post and fill in the form on the following page to send me a private e-mail.

We’re open to just about any music genre… although dark techno and the like would be more in keeping with Wetmachine’s technoparanoia theme.


  1. I can send you my band’s .mp3s if you want.

  2. Peg,

    That would be great!

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