Well Hello Again Everybody

And welcome once again to the Whiskey A Go-Go on the fabulous Sunset Strip.

Things seem a little slow around Wetmachine these days and I can only hope that Harold Feld has not gone on sabbatical, as I am a TotSF junky and am kinda jonesing a little right now. Howard Stearns has been a little scarce at ItF also, but I’m not worried: that boy is just gestating, I’m sure of it.

As for my own contributions, well, I’m working in my usual desultory way on three little essays:

— On the tendencies towards totalitarianism, anarchy and community, and where “technology” as a abstract concept fits into all of them;

— On the notion of Borgification;

— On walking away from a dream, or why I have stopped working on a novel that was specifically requested by a Big Name Publisher.

So, this is a placeholder entry. Until Stearns and Feld come back I’m going to hope that Gary will continue to populate with the odd disturbing story here and there so that we can continue in our disoriented stumblings into a fearful, fretful future the in the true Wetmachine way.


  1. “…why I have stopped working on a novel…” Say it ain’t so, Johnny! I was really looking forward to what I figure would be the only novel I’d get around to reading this decade. Without this, I might have to read that DaVinci thing that everyone’s talking about. It’s about coding, isn’t it?

    Sorry about the ItF pause. Perdiod of rapid coding. More later.

  2. Well, the gist of my (possibly someday forthcoming) essay is, “Family, Day Job, Writing a Novel: Choose Two.”

    I may go back to working on it after some things around here sort themselves out. Maybe by the end of the summer.

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