Suomi go Brágh!

Here we are again on that dipthong of days, March 16 & 17, so sacred to us Finno-Irish Americans everywhere, when the saint day of beloved Urhu elides into that of Patrick, to whom those of us still standing will raise a pint tomorrow.

Some smartypants on the Internets tells me that

“’Erin go braugh’ is an incorrect spelling and is essentially meaningless”

but that

“’Éirinn go Brágh’ is now commonly used as a patriotic cry meaning ‘Ireland forever’”.

Minor misspellings aside, it’s all about the accents I guess. Well excuse me, Mr. Irish authenticity, over here in America we don’t use no fancy accents, which we consider an “old Europe” affectation.

Anybody who wants to get all separatist and point out that “Sundman” is Swedish, not Finnish, should chill out–although I’ll be glad to join you in Gamla Stan where we can discuss the history of Swede-Finns over a stor stark (if you’ll pay my airfare and hotel tab, that is). Finally as to that Scottish part of my lineage, or ancestry or whatever you call it, well, that has precious little to do with today so we’ll leave it be for now.

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