Staring at Jeremy Bornstein staring at me

I just pledged $7 to Jeremy Bornstein’s kickstarter project.

My reasons for so-doing after the fold.

I pledged $7 for the following 3 reasons (or maybe more, we’ll see).

1. When I go to the movies I pay at least $7 for a ticket, and I expect to enjoy this movie more than anything I’ve seen out of Hollywood in the last dozen years or so, so it seems fair.

2. It’s ballsy; it’s funny. I want him to succeed.

3. People supported my Kickstarter project, which, although I have not yet delivered the goods, I will indeed deliver the goods eventually, soon, even, and I really appreciated my supporters’ trust and generosity, it made me feel really good, and I would like to share some of that feeling — indeed it feels like an obligation; Jeremy is as good a candidate as any to receive it.

4. My prize for this donation is a post card collectable at Jeremy’s house. Another prize he offers is dinner at his house, which goes for about a thousand dollars, if I remember right. But if I show up at his house to redeem my prize, I can’t imagine that he won’t at least offer me a beer and some snacks, which is almost a meal. Which means that for $7 I get almost a $$$$$ prize.

5. Jeremy Bornstein is or was involved with Neal Stephenson’s Mongoliad project (along with my friend Nicole Galland). Since Neal Stephenson is one of the (successful) writers with whom I’m sometimes compared, I’m always looking for some way to insinuate myself into Stephenson’s circle, or more precisely, his audience. Nicky is too classy to exploit her connection with Stephenson on my behalf, but maybe my $7 will buy some influence from Bornstein.

6. I haven’t blogged anything on Wetmachine for quite a while and need to get back into regular posting. This will give me an easy start.

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