Should progressives trust Obama and his administration?

Chris Bowers says no. I agree.


  1. The progressives should have had these debates BEFORE the election was over. Navel gazing at this point does not do much good.

  2. John McC:

    Well, we did.

    Among others, Harold and I, here on wetmachine raised these points. And so did lots of others on other sites. Not everybody got swept up on Obama fanboy mania.

    I have written here, for example, on how Obama’s chicken-shit move on FISA caused me to go down to town hall to quit the Democratic party–only to find out that I had already quit it and forgot that I had.

    I didn’t vote for Obama in the primary. I voted for Chris Dodd, even though he had withdrawn by then. True, Dodd is and has been pretty horrible on this banking/financial situation. But he was right on FISA & the Constitution, which in my mind comes first.

    Finally, I don’t think what we’re doing now is any more navel-gazing than any blogging is at any time. But certainly I’m encouraging my few readers to participate in the process by advocating for progressive, pro-Constitutional values. That means, among other things, contacting our senators and representatives to tell them how we feel, but also speaking out to keep up & increase pressure on Obama.

    The sooner that halo gets yanked away from his glorious head, the better.

  3. I have to say you two were not shall we say waving the flags of joy. I’ll grant you that.

    But the progressive movement as a whole? Sorry didn’t see it. I include the MSM in that grouping by the way.

    Good or bad the man was not vetted. Which is sort of amusing as the press is now running around and stating that they need economic relief as their role as arbiter of truth is critical to the Republic. Which I would throw back to them is — where were you in 2008??

    I agree that nailing Congress for action should be done. Sadly though, their approval ratings are lower than Obama’s so I don’t know if they care till you show up with a gun and put one to their heads. (Not that I am advocating such a thing, just a analogy of the contempt they have for the populace.)

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