Sausage Factory: a partial index to date

Here’s a nearly complete list of Harold Feld’s “Tales of the Sausage Factory” articles here on Wetmachine. Real Soon Now I’m going to get organized and use the blog software to keep track of this stuff so I don’t have to manualy copy and paste to generate lists like this. . .

On the Nader copyright case

Justin/Janet part 2

Justin/Janet part 1

The ICANN Train Wreck

Unlicensed Spectrum Access

Why Disney/Comcast Merger Sucks Rocks


CBS Caves Again for Bush

Yet more on Fileswapping

Fileswapping — whither to in ’04

ABA article:“More than a Toaster with Pictures”

On making the Wall Street Journal’s Shit List

Golden Globes, Former Presidents, Media Ownership”

Sausage factory fans: speak up! And spread the word!–jrs


  1. John, I know there is also my little essay on getting phone service from a CLEC and some earlier stuff on media ownership.

  2. Is there a way to get a list of entries written by any given contributor? I would have thought that this would be reached by clicking on the name at the end of an entry, or a name on the right. (I know that *I* can get a list of entries written by me, but that’s boring. At least it shows that the machinery is in there somewhere.)

    How about an organization? Couldn’t you whip that up in Laszlo in about five minutes? Couldn’t you get paid for doing so if by some freak it took longer…

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