Salon loves them some Sundman!

Or rather, they used to. For some reason I just checked out’s “Best of Salon2003” list. It includes 32 articles, four of them by me. I remembered that the Loebner article made the list, but had forgotten that the Human Genome one did too-also. Holy crap. I musta been a contender.

This discovery, I think, calls for a repeat-performance link to this little Wetmachine chestnut about the time I got snubbed by Salon editor Joan Walsh. (See, there are some perks to getting laid off. It gives you endless hours to spend polishing your peerless prose, for which you might even get a party invite, not to mention a few hundred bucks, or whatever it was they paid me. If I ever get laid off again (God forbid!) and have time on my hands, maybe I’ll ring up Joan and pitch a few idears.)

OK, lunch break over. Here endeth my little diversionary walk down literary lane.


  1. There are many variations of “thank you” in Japanese. Thank you, thank you and sorry for having put you out, thank you no, etc. I don’t know them all. I can only surmise that there must be a “congratulations on your successful work and thank you for sharing it with us because we appreciate it and it touches us.”

  2. Why golly gumdrops, now *I* am going to have to look for the proper way to say “thank you for that kind compliment”.

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