Questions, Questions, Questions

Like Harold, I’ve been on vacation this week –on the New Jersey shore, where the weather is perfect and the surf is fine. Which accounts for the sparseness-osity of the postings around here lately.

Anyway, I’ve been wondering: how many houses does John McCain own? How many rooms in all these houses, total? How many houses does his wife own? How much does he typically pay for a haircut, and how much for a pair of shoes?

Also, is he technically senile?

On vacation, you know, I guess one’s thoughts tend to turn a tad philosophical.


  1. Love the auto-chosen add-fart on the right. For me it came up with a “John McCain: Invest in Victory – Donat $25” button.

    (You, too, can join the ranks of secretaries of oil execs! Such “plain folk” donated a total of $2M since McCain came out for drilling – presumably funneled from their bosses who can actually afford it! (You can’t make this stuff up….))

  2. Another question: Is McCain impotent?

    I think he has eight houses. Why is this related to the above question? Because with eight houses, it’s easier for Cindy to take her extramarital lovers, away from prying eyes. The National Enquirer can’t be everywhere at once!

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