One man is but a pale imitation of the worst president in US history

Google pays me about four cents a month to run adverts on this-a-here policy-wonk & general bullshit blog, and lately they’ve been running an awful lot of the John McBush “one man” animated gif, which may be running to the right of this image even now. On account of which, my friends and family give me a fair amount of grief. I tell them that I’m not crazy about Google’s running McBush ads here, but I need the money.

In any event it reminds me to run the above picture, which I plan to do at least once a week, until I no longer need to.


  1. Actually the worst President in history was Carter. Even if you think he had wonderful policies, the fact that the country did not, gave you Reagan. Since Reagan has been the baseline for every Republican that has come since; even a leftist would have to come to the conclusion that Carter was a failure.

  2. Hey John,

    I admire your pluck. Still waiting for your comments on “moral hazard” and the Bear Stearns deal.

    Anyway, Carter, failure, schmailure. And Lincoln was horrible because Andrew Johnson came next. I see.

    By this logic, by the way, I’m the best baseball player on the planet, because starting about 1967, anybody who could throw a curveball could strike me out. Never did learn to hit a curveball. So a lot of great pitchers emerged!

    You can pretend W. isn’t the worst ever, but you’re swimming against the tide, bro. So no, I’m not going to engage you on this trollish point.

    Now, McCain, there is a prospect that does scare me, however.

  3. I’ve no problem with McCain per se, except for the fact a majority of Republicans can’t stand him & hence (IMO) won’t rally around him like they have for the worst^H^H^H^H^H current president.

    Although I don’t necessarily agree with his politics (and my taxes will almost certainly go up), I’m kinda rooting for Obama for the sole reason he offers a Camelot-ish kinda vision. I think the country needs that. Badly.

    Then again, I’m voting Libertarian, regardless.

  4. Mike,

    I have no problem with McCain other than that he is a dishonest, hot-tempered, ignorant warmonger and jingoistic bully who dumped his first wife to marry an heiress & further his political ambitions.

    (Well, I also have other problems with him, but those are the main ones, I think.)

    I do agree with you that the mere fact of electing such a Camelotty figure as Obama would be good for the nation. If ever there were a choice between “more of the same” and “something new” in a presidential election, this is surely it.

    I’m not going to disparage the idea of voting your conscience. Heck, I voted for Chris Dodd in the Massachusetts primary, and that was weeks after he had officially dropped out.

    But when election time rolls around, I hope you’ll pull the lever for the Democrat (which I hope will be Obama). I really don’t think we will survive another four years of Republican rule as a democratic economic/military autonomous agent.

    Which is not to mention implications of stewardship of the planet for those who come after us.

  5. >But when election time rolls around,
    >I hope you’ll pull the lever for the
    >Democrat (which I hope will be Obama).

    John- Good point. But since I’m in MA (like you, I believe), the Democratic candidate is a shoe-in. Makes it easier for me to be snooty Libertarian (maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ;).

    But if it’s at all looking close, I’m going to Camelot.

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