My defiant “that'll show 'em” vote, 2008

I voted today in the Massachusetts primary.

I voted for Chris Dodd.

That’ll show ’em!

As an independent, I could have voted in the Republican primary. But I couldn’t make up my mind between Ron Paul and Alan Keyes. That’s a joke.

Actually, I did consider using my vote to cast a “spoiler”. But I can’t figure out who I want to win anyway, so I decided against it.

Hillary is a triangulating politician with nasty ties to the horrible telcos, and she voted for the war, and she didn’t fillibuster Bush’s horrible supreme court appointees, etc, etc.

Obama is very eloquent and inspiring, but his legislative record is pretty weak, and he fibs about it. He also has a record of being conveniently out of town when several “put up or shut up” votes were taken in the Senate. Overall, I guess I would prefer that he be the nominee just for the feeling of hope that would arise in the country if he actually were the president. But I don’t think he’s the second damn coming, that’s for sure.

Chris Dodd is no saint. But damnit, he’s the only person on the ballot of any party who has actually done anything lately to forestall the depredations of C+ Augustus, our boy-emperor. So he got my vote. Fuckit.

In the general election I’ll vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. It will be funny if it’s a race between young hip Barak and cranky creaky ancient John McCain.


  1. That was, basically, why I voted for Nader in 2000. He was an effective “none of the above.” And hey, at least he had a positive impact in the past.

    Amusing cognitive dissonance of the moment: the top ad in the Google adsense ads is for… Mike Huckabee. A personal thanks, Mike, for in some small way contributing to the continued existence of Wetmachine.

  2. I heard something on TV about that – a wired writer and blogger voted for Dodd, and Romney said he’d rethink his philosophy since he didn’t get your vote although you’re from Massachussets.

  3. Wow, and I thought I was merely making a symbolic gesture!

    To the extent my vote was “sending a message”, I wasn’t talking to Mitt, I was talking to Democrats. As I noted in a later post, there is no way in hell I would ever vote for Romney for president (although I did consider voting for him in the primary, just to see if I could help prolong the spectacle on the Republican side). Good thing that Mitt didn’t hear about that later Wetmachine entry, or I never would have gotten him to rethink his philosophy!

    I guess I’m rooting for Obama now, but I’m still glad I voted for Dodd. It feels good that I voted for the guy I was most happy about. That’s a nifty thing about primaries. When the returns come out and you see how many people voted for Ron Paul and Chris Dodd and all the other “marginal” candidates, it tells you something about who we are as a people.

  4. Yup. Like you I’m rooting for Obama, I used to lean towards Hillary, but I’ll probably support either of them. If I become convinced McCain can actually bring permanent peace to Iraq I’ll vote for him – he at least knew it wasn’t a cheap easy war to be won without sacrifice or (gasp) taxes.

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