Mukasey == Gonzales==Republican Stooge, let's sing the “I Was Not a Nazi Polka,” Hooray!

You may recall how Fredo Corleone Harry Reid and the rest of the clueless Democrats in the Senate enthusiastically bought into the pious shitpile of festering stinking lies and prevarications that was the testimony of Michael Mukasey, the “Good German Republican”, at his confirmation hearing for the position of Attorney General, when he swore, jawohl, that he would uphold the constitution no matter what, yessir, even unto the gates of Hell or the White House, whichever came first, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, yah sure, you betcha, because I am a Federal Judge of Impeccable Credential and Pedigree, don’t you know, and I uphold the law, and I vas not ein SS guard I don’t change my stripes to fit the fashion, and blah blah blah blah blah.

And so he became the highest law officer in the land, with a pat on the back and a friendly howdy-do & welcome, hail fellow well-met, from Harry and Diane and all the other fine Presbyterians & toothless cowards in the Greatest Deliberative Body in World(tm). Alberto is gone! Michael is here! Integrity has been restored to the Department of Justice! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, Hail Dorothy! (Senators Obama, Clinton, Dodd and Biden just happened to be out of town for the vote, how unfortunate!)

Below the fold: Recalling an old chestnut from the late lamented Chad Mitchell Trio.

Well here’s a little ditty from Chad’s trio (actually, I think it’s from after Chad had left the eyponymous group and been replaced by John Denver, but I’m not sure about that. . ) that our Democratic senators might want to put on their iPods as they read about Mukasey’s latest legal anschluss on behalf of his gurus. It’s a snappy little tune with a nice beat you can dance to. I give it an 87. (That’s an obscure American Bandstand joke that might go over the head of our younger readers, sorry.) Lyrics below.

By the way, that’s my occasionally useful representative Bill Delahunt whose head is caused to explode by the “pre-emptive pardon” doctrine that our esteemed jurist Mukasey is expouding. . .

NOTE: Yes, I know: Bush/Cheney is not Hitler, Republicans are not Nazis. Check, got it. No need to point that out in the comments. The parallel, what made me think of the song, is the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” charade that Mukasey and his willing enablers in the Senate put on for the nation not so long ago. But Godwin’s Law can no longer be used to invoke blog cloture. This changed all that. When this kind of tripe and slander gets reviewed in the New York Times, I think it’s fair to say that Godwin’s Law can no longer be used to shame people like me into foregoing Hitler references. If the shoe fits, wear it; otherwise ignore it. END OF NOTE.

I hope this blog entry doesn’t put me on the Department of Justice naughty blogger list. (See that link and follow the link in it for a video of Mukasey lying his ass off about the Department of Justice’s Heather-like ostracism of Josh Marshall’s TPM Muckraker.)

Here are the lyrics, as transcribed by some guy on the internet somewhere. They match my recollection.

[The recording begins with a man sweetly singing in German. Another voice begins reciting as if translating:]

–As you travel through Der Schne Deutschland,
–A melody will greet your ears.
–It’s a melody that’s been around in Deutschland
–For fifteen to twenty years.

Each and ev’ry German dances to the strain
Of the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
All without exception join in the refrain
Of the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

Goering wasn’t crazy; he wanted to deport.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
We all thought that Dachau was just a nice resort.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

The German is so cultured, he does not like to fight.
The peaceful life is what he most enjoys.
For years, the German people were utterly convinced
** department manufactured children’s toys.

I never shot a Luger or goosed a single step.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

–Was you not an SS guard? –I was not an SS guard.
I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
–Did you not love Ilsa Koch? –I did not love Ilsa Koch.
I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
–Did you not despise the Jews? –I did not; some of my best friends…
I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
–Did you not think Adolf great? –I did not. Adolf who?
–Adolf who! –Ja, Adolf who?
–Fritz, you’re putting me on. –Was ist *** “putting me on”?
–Are you kidding me or something? –Nein, I’m not kidding you. Adolf who?
–Adolf Hitler. –Should I know him? Is he a folksinger?
–You don’t remember. –Nein, I don’t remember him. Who was he?

A little man, very mean, very loud and brash. –Mmm-mmm.
Not too tall, he never smiled, wore a black mustache. –Nein; I never heard…
He had a girl, Eva Braun, hair as red as flame. –Ah, ja, ja.
He papered walls for many years till his moment came. –Of course!

He’s the one who clapped his hands, went into a dance.
When the news came to him that we had conquered France. –That’s him!
He once said, when our flag proudly was unfurled,
“Today, Germany, tomorrow, the world!” [Becomes a hysterical chant] …tomorrow, the world! …tomorrow, the world! …tomorrow, the world!
–I never heard of him. –Neither did I.

To our Israeli allies let us raise a toast.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
Sure there were some Nazis, two or three at most.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

We tried to throw off Hitler right from the very start.
That’s what ev’ry hist’ry book should tell.
We hated Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, too.
We believe as Sherman did that war is hell…hell…hell…hell…
[Again becomes a chant]…heil!…heil!…Seig heil!…Seig heil!…Seig heil!

Germans are as gentle as flowers in the spring.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
Germans are a people who love to dance and sing.
Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.

–Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You there, you are not singing. Did you not like to sing? Tell me, you still have a family in Germany, nicht wahr? Sing!

Sing the I Was Not a Nazi Polka.
Seig heil!

[Sung by the Mitchell Trio on “That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be,” Mercury LP SR 51049, 1965.]


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