I've been spamtrapped!

I was just trying to add a comment to Harold’s blog entry, below, when the screen suddenly went a horrible blue, and a (probably illegally used, copyrightwise) image of a can of Spam(tm) appeared, along with this message:

You’ve been spamtrapped

we will not tolerate spam Als u menselijk bent en u denkt dat u onterecht wordt beschuldigd van spam activiteiten op mijn weblog, ga dan terug naar de vorige pagina. Mogelijkerwijs bevat uw commentaar een link naar een site welke ik op dit weblog weer. Ook kan het gebruik van verschillende woorden zoals casino u naar deze pagina hebben geleid.

If you are human and you think that you are wrongly beeing accused of trying to spam my blog, please return to the previous page by going back. You’ve been sent here because the original comment contains illegal keywords like casino or links to spamming websites. I will not tolerate these links on my weblog and as a precaution all content is filtered before submitted to the site.

What’s particularly galling this remark is the sentence, “I will not tolerate these links on my weblog:” WTF? Hey, it’s MY GODDAMN WEBLOG, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SOFTWARE! WHO THE BLEEP DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????

Anyway, over the last few weeks we have recieved some email from friends of the site to the effect that they had been prevented from making comments. I put that on my list of things to worry about at some time in the future. Now that it has happened to me & I have experienced first hand just how irritating and insulting it is, let me just say that this problem has gotten my attention for real. I cannot promise how soon we’ll get it resolved, but it will probably be sooner than if I had not been spamptrapped. In the meantime, any of you who have been impoperly spamtrapped, please accept my apology on behalf of my well-meaning but incompetent and rude spam blocker.

By the way, here’s my comment on Harold’s blog entry (below the fold):

1) Coldbertism aside, you do, in fact, deserve a good measure of credit for pushing this auction & its implications into the discusssion-o-sphere, to coin a (probably unfortunate) phrase. So congratulations and thank you.

2) I made the change Whose –> Who’s in your subject line. Sorry, it was (again) driving me nuts.


  1. We apologize for the inconvenience. Those responsible for this outrage have been sacked. Please enjoy a complementary whole-milk yogurt as our way of saying “sorry!”

  2. Anonymous posting test. Please ignore.

  3. Jesus, Gary,

    Your talent for snark truly knows no bounds! Would that you would display a little more of it around here more often.

    (Not that any of yz-all others would know or care to know, but I did just did spend 2 nights luxuriating in the hide-a-bed of Gary’s North Cambridge 7th floor apartment with the grand view of the Boston skyline five miles away, and indeed I did help myself to one of his whole milk yogurts as a midnight snack. So much much MUCH more satisfying than the lowfat kind we have at our house, fruit-on-the-bottom notwithstanding.

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