It's the end of the Solar System as we know it, and I feel paranoid.

Via R Mutt, who posts on Kuro5hin and Husi, I come across this article that postulates that the plutonium propulsion of the Cassini space probe is actually designed as a fission bomb that will explode under atmospheric pressure when it’s crashed into Saturn at the quote, end of its life, unquote.

Since Saturn is all helium and hydrogen anyway, this Cassini fission explosion will start a fusion explosion, and Saturn will become a star (allowing terraforming of its earthlike, Atari-sounding, moon Titan).

The author speculates that Freemasonry may be implicated in this nefarious plot (nefarious in that it’s really not nice to go about rearranging the Solar System without consulting the rest of us humans, espescially since a side effect might be–let’s just say, suboptimal– for Earth), and even quotes Alistair Crowley in his analysis!

Gary, let’s you and I investigate! You handle the space part, I’ll handle the conspiracy part. Everybody else, I suggest stocking up on sunglasses.

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