Impeach Cheney; Impeach Bush. Impeach Rice and Hadley. Impeach the whole festering, law-breaking, constitution-hating lot of them. Start at the top and work down or start at the bottom and work up, I don’t care.

Reclaim our country. Bring back the rule of law. Not only does our whole country deserve it, but the whole world depends upon it.

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  1. Ummm….was there anything in particular or just some positive affirmations to get the new Congress rolling?

    I’m a big fan of the rule of law. It’s why I considered the impeachment of Bill Clinton a consumate disgrace for our Congress and the Republican party, despite the fact that it was all done “legally” within the bounds of the Constitution.

    So before proceeding directly to impeachment, I shall await the results of oversight hearings and investigations. Once the evidence in is in, then we’ll see. If there is a strong prima facie case for impeachment, then by all means proceed. But this is too damn important for spleen venting and political pay back.

  2. Just a positive affirmation, to further the propagation of the meme. “Impeach” is more catchy than “hold oversight hearings and investigations!”

    Frankly, it seems pretty clear to me that Bush has committed crimes. He has in fact admitted doing so — or so it seems to me. Of course, I’m not the one who went to law school (that would be you). So of course I do not prejudge the *legal* issues.

    But as a *political* issue, I very much want to further the idea that these clowns currently in charge (Cheney, Bush, etc) are subject to the rule of law just like everyone else.

    And I am so fed up with the Wise Old Men and Women of the Washington DC Consensus, those inbred, out of touch pundits who control discourse on the airwaves and in the largest newspapers, who would have us believe that “civility” is all, and that what we’ve witnessed over the last six years is somehow less worthy of outrage than the faux “scandal” of Whitewater.

    Anyway, I do ramble on.

    About that other topic we’ve been discussing offline, I’ll give you an update later in the week.

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