“Goldman Sachs are scum” — Max Keiser, my new hero


  1. Oh hell.

    I was just climbing out of my get-the-bastards and just-fix-it rage, and getting back to making my own way in the world. Back to dealing with the little shit, like children numbers 2 & 3 that just just dropped the laptop of child #1 and broke it. I’m enraged. Profoundly disappointed. But what can I do. They are children and have their limitations. But the laptop is still broken. I’m at a loss. No answers.

    Now this? Thanks for nothin’, Johnny. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? The fucking economy is broken. Sacks sucks. Stearns sucks. The whole lot of ’em suck. Bush sucks and so does Obamma. But it’s broken. I’m at a loss. No answers. I can’t deal with this now. Go away.

  2. Howard,

    Sorry for the additional angst I may have caused you.

    I put it up because it made me feel good to see somebody saying this on TV and not being called a “conspiracy theory looney” and immediately shut up.

    I agree that rage against things you cannot control can be debilitating, and my own dear wife tells me that Wetmachine, or at least my part of Wetmachine, is often “too angry”. Well, it doesn’t feel that way to me, but I’m me, so what do I know?

    I’ll put up something more uplifting soon, good luck with the laptop situation. As for dealing with the circumstances of how it got broken, well, I know you’re a good father –I’ve seen you in action for years now. So I know you’ll handle the situation appropriately. But sometimes parenthood is a bother, isn’t it.

  3. No worries, John. I think my point is that Americans are fine with a little revolution now and then, and then we want to get on with things. As far as we’re concerned, we did something extraordinary by showing up at the polls one day and doing something different. Now we’re done. Short-attention-span history.

    OK, that’s how I feel. What I think is that incitement to rage is a powerful thing when followed up by the suggestion of an achievable action. Or at least some clarity in suggesting what one can believe in as The Right Thing(tm). I think Wetmachine is really pretty good at that. This Sacks thing, I don’t know. It just leaves me sputtering.

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