Get out your markers

OpenLaszlo, the nifty, very nifty platform for making web applications that don’t suck (and little widgets too, like the link thingy over on the right side of this page) has got a little contest going: design a T-Shirt, win an iPod. If you have any design skill at all, you should enter. Why not? (I’m talking to you, Gary.)

And whether you have design skill or not, if you write code you should check out OpenLaszlo. It’s some cool stuff. And the documentation is great — lots of clear expository code, and live, running, you-can-edit-them-too code examples.

(Did I mention that I’m the OpenLaszlo doc guy?)


  1. An iPod? Pffffft! You guys should give away a music player that supports open standards, like the iAudio U2 (…), which supports MP3, and also the open source, patent free Ogg Vorbis format. Oh, and it has a screen.

    But I guess, you know, you need to appeal to the Mac head designers. Err… like my girlfriend.

  2. Cute player, Gary. Too bad they can’t spell “infomation.”

  3. Hey

    Have you guys played with Laszlo recently? You should.

    Since release 3.0 last spring, Laszlo compiles to static swfs — so you don’t need a j2ee server to deploy them. Apache will do, or you can even send them as email attachments. (You still need a j2ee environment to build the apps — just not to deploy them). (And I know, I know, I should convert the little blogbox app to run “serverless.” I’ll do it soon. . .)

    And Gary, yes, have your friend design a T-Shirt. The contest is pretty wide open right now. Last I heard there were very few entries. . .

  4. The platform is great, but the docs would be better if the widget in the sidebar linked to some of the doc guy’s more recently hired co-workers.

  5. D’oh!

    I will fix that this weekend.


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